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Petra: Finca with views and building project

№ объекта: F4037
Основные параметры
07520 Petra
Islas Baleares
Земельный участок ок.:
28.593 кв.м
245.000 €
Пригодно для застройки в короткий срок:
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Одноквартирный дом,
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Подробное описание
Подробное описание
Описание объекта:
Finca building plot of 28.593,06 m2 in the municipality of Petra with panoramic views of the village of Petra.

It is a plot with the possibility to build a new structure for a detached house, where the building will merge with the landscape. The land will become a roof over the entire structure of the house, insulating it in a natural way.

The project is for a 200 m2 house with a 75 m2 terrace and a 25 m2 swimming pool.

- Maximum buildable area (2%): 571.86m2.
- Maximum occupancy of the swimming pool: 35 m2.
- Maximum volume of the entire building: 900 m3.
- Estimated budget for electrical installation: 27.687,50€ (55.375,01€/2).
Changes to the project have been accepted by Petra Town Hall.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for all details.
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Mallorca Dream Team 2014 S.L.
Господин Armin Thiel

Ronda oeste 40
07680 Porto Cristo
Телефон: +34 971 820510
Мобильный телефон: +34 634 310912

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